Proposition 1 Won’t Make Anchorage Safer

Law enforcement officials agree: Anchorage’s non-discrimination law has worked for two years without any uptick in public safety concerns. Prop 1 won’t make our city safer.

Proposition 1 Cannot Be Enforced

Proposition 1 would require everyone to show their birth certificate just to use a municipal restroom—and the Anchorage Police Department agrees: There’s no way this discriminatory initiative could be enforced.

Anchorage Women Say NO on Proposition 1!

Don’t discriminate against transgender people in the name of women.

Fighting Crime or Monitoring Restrooms?
Proposition 1 Forces Anchorage PD to Choose.

As Anchorage grapples with a rising crime rate, Proposition 1 would force our law enforcement officials to spend resources monitoring restrooms instead of fighting real crime—even though in the two years since Anchorage’s non-discrimination law has been in effect, there has been zero uptick in crime in public restrooms. Proposition 1 won’t make Anchorage safer.

Anchorage Faith Leaders Say NO on Proposition 1!

Anchorage faith leaders believe in treating everyone fairly—including our transgender neighbors, family and friends. That’s why they’re voting NO on Prop 1.